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Cangzhou Great Drill Bits Co Ltd founded in 2010 speciallized in processing research of steel and diamond materials is involved in the R D design production and sales of petroleum equipment up to now we have being the top material supplier of CNPC SINOPEC CNOOC We have a 40 000 m2 of production based in Hebei Hejian provincial development zone and several international advanced production lines featured in turning milling compound five axis linkage special for high performance diamond processing with the annual production capacity of more than 10 000 pcs We provide the drill bits from 3 to 26 of different series such as Matrix body series Steel body series Coring series Bi center series...

Categories and Products

PDC Bits

Matrix Body PDC Bits

PDC drill bits for oil drilling Tungsten carbide button bits API Standard PDC bits with Premium quality cutters Matrix PDC body bits 6 blades Matrix Body PDC drilling bit Drill Bit For Sandstone API matrix body water well drilling PDC bits API PDC drilling bits-matrix body High quality tungsten carbide matrix powder PDC Bits Diamond-impregnated PDC Drilling Bits Tungsten Carbide Bit For Oil Drilling Geothermal and Water Well Drilling PDC drilling Bit Matrix Body PDC drilling Bits Matrix Body PDC Drill Bits Gas Well Drilling Matrix PDC Diamond Drilling Bits PDC Bit for Oilfield Well Drilling Wide Range Of PDC Drilling Bits 13 1/2 Inch Matrix Body PDC Bits API well drilling matrix body PDC bits 

Steel Body PDC Bits

Steel body PDC bits for oil well drilling PDC bits for drilling water well and mining Hard Rock drilling oil PDC drill bits High quality Oil well PDC Drill Bits Oil well drilling tools PDC Bits Low Price And Good Quality PDC Bits Steel body diamond bits Steel body diamond drilling bits Hard rock tools for oil well drilling Long Working life Fixed cutter bits Original Design and Production PDC drill bits Hard formation PDC bits High Abrasive resistance Oil Drill bit Customs size and type PDC bits High drilling speed PDC bits Medium Hard formation Diamond Bit Horizontal Directional Drilling PDC bit API oilfield rock bit well drilling PDC bit API standard PDC bits 5 baldes double row PDC drill bits 

Bi-center Bits

Durable and stable Bi-center Drill Bits Bi-center Bit for Oil and Gas Steel body Bi-center Bits Bi-center drill bits new technology Bi center matrix body PDC drill bits Bi-center bit for medium to medium hard compressive 

Diamond Core Bits

8 1/2'' Diamond Core Bits PDC coring bit 1308 cutters core drill bit PDC diamond core drill bits for hard rock Drilling equipment PDC core bits for well drilling Diamond 6 wings Matrix body PDC core bit API Natural Diamond Coring Bits for Drilling Swivel API Natural Diamond Coring Drill Bits Good quality TSP diamond PDC coring bits 


Reverse circulation RC PDC Bits 

Hybrid Drill Bits

Hybrid Drill Bits Improve Drilling Effeciency Longer working life Hybrid bits Durable Hybrid Drilling Bits 

Tricone Bits

TCI Bits

TCI tricone roller bitrotary rock drill Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) or Insert bits Roller Cone Bit for water well drilling 13 5-8 inch drilling tricone drill rock bits Tungsten Carbide Insert Bits API 6 5-8 Inch Tricone Bits 8 1-2 inches IADC537 rock drill bits Tungsten carbide RC drilling bits TCI type tricone bit 537 rock bits Insert tooth tricone TCI drill bits TCI tricone bits for Medium-Hard Formation High Quality Rock Tricone Drill Bits TCI water well drill tricone bit Oil well drilling-TCI roller cone bits High quality newest type oil well tricone bits HDD drilling rock bits head cone roller Water well drilling three-cone rock roller bits TCI tricone drill bits with high quality Tungsten carbide tricone drill bits Water Well Drilling Tungsten Carbide Bits 

Steel/Milled Tooth Bits

Milled Tooth Tricone Rock Bit 9-12'' steel tooth tricone drill bits 12 1-4 IADC 117 steel tooth bits 17 1-2''steel tooth tricone drill bits Tricone drilling rock roller drill bit Steel Tooth Tricone Bits With Central Jet Tricone drill bits for water well drill RC Drilling Bits for Oilfield Milled Tooth Type Tricone Rock Bit API Tricone Bit IADC127 API Standard Steel Tooth Tricone Rock Bits 26" steel Tooth tricone bits for soft formation Tricone bit for drilling very soft formation Hot sale steel tooth tricone drill bit Tricone rock drill bits for soft formation IADC code 117 tricone milled tooth bit Vertical Drilling Milled tooth bits Tricone rock bits with center jets Steel tooth drill bits used for water well IADC115 Rock Roller Cutters for soft formation 

Roller Cone Cutters

90 ° U-shaped Cone Cutter

8 1/2''U-shaped style cutter for HDD hole opener TCI tricone rock bit roller cone cutters TCI Roller Cone Leg For HDD Core Barrel Replaceable foundation Roller cone cutters Single roller cone palm drill bit with holder Sealed bearing tricone roller bit cutters 

120 ° U-shaped Cone Cutter

Segments Of Roller Bits for Hole opener TCI tricone bit insert roller cone bit cutter TCI tricone bit cone cutter roller cone bit Down-the-hole drilling tools roller cone cutters 

Segments Of Tricone Bits

Segments of Tricone rock bits One Third of tricone bits for hole openers 

Starry Sky Cone Cutter

Full cover roller cone carbide insert cutters HDD hole opener roller cone cutters TCI IADC547 Roller Cone Cutters Hard rock IADC 637 roller cone cutters 

PDC Hole Opener

6"-8" Hole Opener

Pull type 6'' to 8'' PDC hole openers 

12" Hole Opener

12inch HDD PDC Hole opener and reamer 

18" Hole Opener

PDC hole opener for expanding well size 

20" Hole Opener

20" PDC Hole opener HDD Drilling hole opener for expanding well size 

30" Hole Opener

Customized 30'' PDC Hole Opener 

Crocodile PDC Reamer

6" PDC Reamer

PDC reamers for high quality wellbore High quality downhole tools PDC reamer hole opener Top Quality Water Well Hole Reamer Bit 

8 3/8" PDC Reamer

High Effective Well Drilling Crocodile PDC reamer 

12 1/8"PDC Reamer

12 1/8"Crocodile PDC Reamers 

16"PDC Reamer

16" PDC Reamers For High quality wellbore Rock HDD tool replaceable reamer for directional drilling Top Quality Hole Reamer Bit Premium PDC PDC Reamers PDC horizontal directional drilling hole opener API certified premium PDC Reamer for Horizontal Drilling 

Rock Reamer

14" HDD Rock Reamer

Rock reamers for HDD services Well Drilling HDD Hole Opener Tricone Roller Bit Metal seal enlarge hole opener drill bit TCI bit HDD hole opener with open bearing Hot Sale Trenchless hole reamer for HDD Drilling 

20" HDD Rock Reamer

HDD Pilot roller cone reamers bits tools 

24" HDD Rock Reamer

24" HDD Hole Opener Horizontal directional trenchless reamer TCI drilling bit 

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