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Great PDC Drill bits has excellent feedback in the field

The121/8" GS1615T PDC Bit made a record-breaking in Challenging in the section with several interbed
Bit drills entire 1600-m section at average speed of 40m/hr

Improved the ROP of drilling in the surface section with several interbed.
Maximized bit life by staying sharper longer wile reducing balling in the soft formation and improving cuttings
Double-row PDC bit technology helps bit the drilling day curve and reduce drilling costs by enhanced aggressive through out the bit run. Improving ROP,and drilling more efficiently.

GREAT solution and results
Completed the section in only 40 hrs
The bit had no damage at all and drilled the coming well`s section from 1020-2003m

An operator working in the FULONGQUAN in challenged GS1615T to drill the section with several interbed,and completed the1600m in only 40 hrs.

When pulled from the hole ,the GS1615T PDC bit had no damage on the cutter structure at all.

One GS1615T PDC Bit drilled the entire section(from500ft to 2100m),the vertical section,at an average speed of 40m/hr ,the efficiency Steer-ability saved 20- hours in the surface section.

Well background challenges
The surface section with several hard interbed
The operator need to complete the surface section in such a short time.

Suggestion : Great recommend the customers choosing PDC Reamer connect with the PDC Bits to achieve high quality wellbore .

PDC Drilling bits in the field

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